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6th-Oct-2006 10:39 pm - savin' me (live)

This is THE song that means the most to me right now. It speaks directly to my heart and to my situation at this time. My Moto of this growth in my life ~ ~ Savin' Me - Nickelback
6th-Oct-2006 10:14 pm - Muse

Current mood: tired


What is love when it can not stand alone?

When the pages of the chapters are all tattered and torn,

Do the ones that write the beginning mold the outcome?

Or have we all just forgotten the sacrifises of the story?

Each character playing their part

The secrets of the past are marked

Carefully prosed, the climactic tale does spin

To keep the reader focussed on the hidden parts within

Starting a new page, we write to our heart's content.

But, there is always a turn, always something new

Throw in a little thrill, some sort of cliffhanger that draws emotions

Makes the reader angry that you didn't write it quite the way they wanted.

Ah, but... Just keep reading.

The story isn't finished yet.

With a chuckle and excitement the story is spun with golden lace

Bound with leather, the shelf it does grace.

So, what is the meaning of life?

Where is it's balance?

What is the balance of life and how does one find it?

Searching the whole night through, I have not found an answer.

I don't know where to look.

I don't even know what it means.

And if per chance I might find the answer, it could be in the secret folds of the pages, I think I might find what I have been searching for all along.

But, only if my answers come........


Muse © Written by WindStormy™ September 13, 2006

6th-Oct-2006 10:02 pm - For One Purpose... Poem Trilogy...
The Night's Embrace...
Current mood: crushed
Category: Writing and Poetry

The night embraces me and I am swept away.

It whispers into my ear,

All of the things that I long to hear.

Its arms are cruel and crush me so that I can not breathe.

I surrender to its will and give to it all of me.

Then it leaves me restless and cold,

Following the trail to something even bolder.

I lie in pools of crimson.

My heart clutched in its grasp.

It squeezes every drop of my life from its hand and laughs...

While I die inside...

While I die inside...

Still throbbing against its fingers,

The strain is just too much.

And I collapse to the ground

And can find the night has gone.

Left to bleed on my own,

Now what am I to do?

The cruelty of this can not be all that is true!!

Destitute of the one that I love,

I wait for the light of day.

In its rays I will perish

And be swept away.....

Oh, come...

Sweet, sweet darkness…


and wrap your arms around me.

Let the light of day

rise and take my hurt away.

Bring the swift and true bite of carnivorous teeth.

Drink and drain me.

Make me void of the pain that crushes me now.

The Night's Embrace© Written by WindStormy™ September 10, 2006 

The Turn of The Knife......
Current mood: angry
Category: Writing and Poetry

Turn the knife a little more.

It doesn't hurt enough.

Don't see the tears streaming from my face?

Then open your eyes if that is the case.

Turn the knife a little harder.

Make me bleed....

make me holler....

Have I screamed loud enough for you?

Or should I make you blood curdle?

Is the chill of your cold, cold heart not enough to send the faint and simple minded to their graves?

Turn the knife a little more.

I can't feel it any longer.

I'm numb from the pain that has caught me by surprise.

No, I saw it coming.

I knew this would be the end.

I just wondered how long it would take before you shoved the knife in.


The Turn of The Knife© Written by WindStormy™ September 10, 2006

The Dark Existence....
Current mood: creative
Category: Writing and Poetry

Swiftly he rides the night sky in search for what sustains him.

He is cold from the shadows of darkness that surrounds his blackened heart.

The venomous gift that yields a treacherous bite is the very thing that has drawn him from the depths of darkness' caverns.

To walk the earth and pass through the arches of time.

His long flowing hair swept in the wind curls about his face and shoulders as he lurks overhead.

An awesome being he is to have lived so long.

The purpose of his existence the only thing that keeps him going on.

Ripe and luscious the lips of death that seeks the permeation of human blood.

Succulent flesh that wonders about is his only sustenance.

He longs to know the secrets within that cause him to search the earth night after night.

Lost in his vast and empty soul is the reasons he once loved life.


The Dark Existence©  Written by WindStormy™ September 10, 2006

30th-Sep-2006 11:40 pm - Poem # 7 of Dark Lover Series....
My Longing....

Your mighty arms embrace me once more.
They wrap me in the hardness of your core,
To toy with my affections
And play on the reflections,
Of a past I would rather forget.

I lean into your solid structure
To press against your firm broad shoulder.
There I find a peace
That before was never for me.
Yet, there is always that dreadful fear
Of what you might find in my heart, and make it clear.

My longing for you can not be denied.
The walls of my being only contain what I can not hide.
Each beat of my heart is one more second I live for you.
My life in your hands, my soul, spirit and body, true.

I am found in a shadowy mist of emotions
That is yours alone, my earnest devotion.
For no other has been given what I have to you.
And no other shall ever taste of your due.

How I yearn to see your face each night.
I am given to my abandon... Yes, that is my plight.
To be held in your arms is a treasure I hold dear.
The taste of your lips, as you draw me near,
Are meshed with the lingering of your craving.
I partake of it, as the heat of our desires become laden,
With the tumuluous uprising of out mutual lusts.

Yielded and captive, my all belongs to you.
There is none other, so you've said, 
That has ever been so true.

My Longing... ©
Written by WindStormy™
October 1, 2006
25th-Jul-2006 10:46 pm - Mystic Master....

The distant sound of thunder,
Causes to earth to shudder.
In the flash of light that preceeds,
A shadowy figure is revealed to me.

In fear I do tremble
My mind is locked on the symbol,
Of the man You have become.

In terror my breath is caught in my throat.
Your presence is more than I should ever hope,
To know that Your hand has reached toward me,
I can only hope there is no guilt that you can see.

For Your humble servant I'll always be,
To do Your bidding is everything to me.
Your wondrous and awesome powers
Are by far greater than those that cower.

At Your feet will I remain
For I shall never complain.
And in Your silence do beckon,
The will of Your heart.
My very wish is Your command,
And will nevermore depart.

"Mystic Master..."©
Written by WindStormy™
July 25, 2006

19th-Jul-2006 08:41 pm - Did you know....

Did You know that on the night
Before that fateful day,
That while You were writing
My life would soon ebb away,
And I had a date with a single blade?

And did You know that in my silence,
My life would soon ebb away?

Did You feel the sting of the blade?
Did You hear my screams of inner most pain?
Did You see the pulsing hurt, 
That doomed me with its spurts.

And did You know that while you chatted
With whomever it was you did,
That I acted on the agony
Of what I had made You feel?

Did You know that 
I passed sentence upon myself?
That I found myself guilty 
Of all You confessed?
And in the tornadic pain I felt,
There was no pardon for what I had dealt.

Did you know....

"Did You Know..."©
Written by WindStormy™
July 19, 2006

19th-Jul-2006 08:12 pm - Why do I put myself through this?
Why do I put myself through this?
When I know this is how I feel, 
My hands become the slayers.
They only obey the pain inside,
To carry out the sentencing final.

So, why do I put myself through this?
I know it will leave a mark, 
One that will last for years,
To alert those observant
Of what, in me, is real.

Why do I put myself through this?
It only makes me feel alive.
I only need to come out of hiding,
To lay the blade across my skin
And bare the weight of the pain within. 

So, why do I put myself through this?
Life reveals its final kiss, 
The sting of death,
So close,
So near,
Yet, I have still not accomplished its fill.

Why do I put myself through this?
It's only a temporary fix,
For the agony that crushes my chest
That produces those haunting thoughts.
Thereby I respond in kind.

So, why do I put myself through this?
You ask me yet again?
Is it not constant pain that transcends
All capacity and will to bend
Against its wishes, 
It's cruel will,
To watch as it opens
And see that it bleeds?

"Why Do I Put Myself Through This?"©
Written by WindStormy™
July 19, 2006
How I yearn to embrace you near
And wipe away your sorrowful tears.
My heart aches for the pain you show.
I wish to replace it with that soft warm glow
That you so wondrously allow to flow.

In the shadows of life's bittersweet
We rarely find the joy we seek
Unless we are touched by an angel's wings,
Undulating currents of rustling breeze.

Not far away we are captured to remind
That in a moment we live on.
For in a thought, a memory or two
Life is all brought back anew.

And to you my lovely wondrous friend
My hopeful thoughts and wishes I do send.
For if the need should ever arise
My shoulder is strong, my arms open wide.
To help you carry this painful load
And wipe your tears with a single light stroke.

Written by WindStormy™
June 29, 2006
27th-Jun-2006 11:48 pm - Is It Easier To Cry
Do you lie in the meadow of deep despair?
Are the storm clouds overhead about to strike fear
In the very core of your soul? 
Is it safe to be alone?

Do you ever hope for rain
So that no one sees your pain?
Is it easier to cry
When there is somewhere you can hide?

"Is It Easier To Cry..."©
Written by WindStormy™
June 27, 2006
27th-Jun-2006 10:02 pm - What Did I Do Now...
In this abyss
This deepest chasm in my soul
The most frigid of icy cold
A tormenting pain
That just will not go away
No light upon my soul
It is making me grow old.

You turn and walk away
Make me feel this all again.
Your face dark and pale
From the shadow of a veil.
Your eyes are steely beams
That slash me at the seams.

Oh, god, what did I do to you
To make you hate me so?
You see the pain in my eyes
Yet you turn from me and hide.

I reach my hand to you
Drowning in this pool.
I need to go and find
Some help that you deny.
What am I to do?
Just sit here and die?

Would it soothe your aching heart
If I finally did depart?
Would it make you rest in peace
If my death would bring that ease?
Could you simply draw your hand
And cut right through this broken man?
Or do you need to watch it come
The slow and cruel one...

Oh, how can I erase
The pain that I have faced?
You ignore it everyday.
And you hope it goes away.
Your righteous hopeful self
Has only put me on a shelf
And you stand there and say
It was meant to be this way...

Oh, god, what did I do to you
To make you hate me so?
You see the pain in my eyes
Yet you turn from me and hide.

What more do you want from me?
How can I ever be clean?
You see me as a fool
Someone who has broken all the rules.
Your punishment continues
Everyday it's on the venue
Must I lay down and die?
Can you make me see why?

So, if I finally go away
Will you miss me someday?
Will you remember me?
You bore me as your own, 
Yet your heart has turned so cold.
What did I ever do
To make you feel so cold and blue?

Oh, god, what did I do to you
To make you hate me so?
You see the pain in my eyes
Yet you turn from me and hide.

What did I do now....

"What Did I Do Now...."©
Written by WindStormy™
June 27, 2006
25th-Jun-2006 01:43 am - What Life.....

In the black of night
In the darkness
I lie in wait for you.
This deep desperate longing
A need discounted by a skill I have derived.

And who shall it be tonight?
From whence shall you come?
Would I ignore you for another?
Who shall I choose tonight?

Plead with me to stay my hand.
Yet, it is not my hand that means you harm,
But the cold evil seed within 
That lures you with powerful charm.

How many will I allow to walk by?
Or will I plunge from the pitch of night?
Would I make my intentions clear?
And when you're frightened, 
When you turn and run,
Should I give chase?
Hmm... That might be fun.

Cold dark callused heart
It seeks no warmth in the dead of night.
Hunger drives me
An endless burning need
To pull you to me and begin to feed.

And who shall it be tonight?
From whence shall you come?
Would I ignore you for another?
Who shall I choose tonight?
What life will I take to sustain my own?

My alluring grin is but an evil trap.
Yet you seem to not notice that.
Drawn by the wielding of my charms,
You come closer not aware of harm.
I tempt you, casting my spell.
You, not mindful of imminent hell.
And when I have you in my cruel arms
My lust is all that you will know.
For with deliberate  ease
Your life belongs to me.

And who shall it be tonight?
From whence shall you come?
How long shall I await?
Would I ignore you for another?
Who shall I choose tonight?
What life will I take to sustain my own?

"What Live..."©
Written by WindStormy™
June 25, 2006

24th-Jun-2006 08:16 pm - Subscribe Me...

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Hope you have a wonderful day. I've enjoyed these few moments with you and long to see you come back again.
24th-Jun-2006 02:08 am - Run...Hide...
And I give chase
You can't escape
That final place.

Ah, little rodent
The game is just begun.
My wicked black heart
Will search every part
Every crevice I will plunder
And I will rend you asunder.

So run...
My little toy
I will not fall
To your emploring
You are all 
That I desire
This night increase the pyre.

And Hide...
My playful pet
Ah I long for you to get
What menace I have in store
The very purpose of this and more

It makes me laugh
My glee 
Is in but the half
This treasure that I seek
Lies deep beneath your peel

Oh, yes dear lovely
You serve 
Your Master well
Though wrought 
With danger's spell
You are far from 
Dark and comely

My body shudders
With the ardor
This game uncovers
Cat and Mouse
You are it
Emotions stout
And I'll play this

And drive me wild
Each breath
Is but a foul
And dark 
Fetid breath
Of excited

Ooh, run...
My playful pet
I will catch you
But not just yet
And when I do
You wIll see
That you are doomed
To play with me

Ooh, hide...
I'm getting close
I can smell you
That potent potion
That draws me to 
The very essence of you.

HA! There you are!
My darling 
You went far
And I am pleased
To take you down
And drink until the sound
Of your breath cannot be found

What is this that I feel?
Can it happen? 
Can this be real?
You arouse me.
You astound me
Is this mercy
That I feel?

I do believe
I will stay
My demon seed
I will bask In your warmth
For a while, 
I'll take you home.

Written by WindStormy©
June 24, 2006

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23rd-Jun-2006 08:21 pm - The Drink......
With just a simple caress 
I capture your soul.
With graceful ease
Compelling flows, 
To wield the power of your mind
And cause you to look into my eyes.

With a simple caress
You melt against me
Your eyes lingering
Deeply set.

With a simple breath 
That brushes your ear
I lean my head
To draw your tears.

With a single breath
My whispered words
Bid you to yield
With blatant allure.

With a single touch
Your tresses move
Uncovering much
That draws me to you.

With a single touch
My senses reel
Desire is much
of what I feel.

The arms of passion
Embrace you near
My craving rising
All else is unclear.

My Seduction drew you here,
To claim that wealth
The life you hold so dear.

The power of my thirst
Ever grows
Deepest yearning
Of you to know

The most insinuate
Of  you thoughts and dreams
I will absorb to sustain
A selfish need to preserve
My own existance
How absurd.

In that moment
My lips brush
The power of pulsing
Life is rushed.
Erotic longing
To know the fervor
This single substance
Burning further.

I draw you nearer 
In my embrace
My strength not waned
And I make haste
To prick your flesh
And know the taste
The life you hold so dear.

All else surrounds
Slips away
We are one
Impassioned sways
Coursing ardor
Emotions high
I am yours
And you are mine.

"The Drink"©
Written by WindStormy©
June 23, 2006
22nd-Jun-2006 01:12 pm - "I Adore You...."

Pin me against a wall
The words you spoke
Made you look so tall.

Crushing fingers around my throat
Tighten to stop my breath, make me choke.
Angry words you shout to me
Made me tremble, made me see.

The force of a strike
Your hands, they do bite.
But your body takes more
And I struggle and fight.

Heartless you are
These times you turned
To make me cower
To make me bend.

Life slipping away
I fumble to stay
Grovelling with death
As you stop my breath.

Make me bleed
That seems to be your need.
Show me the truth
Of the love you feel for me.

In the silence
After it's said and done
You hover over my body
And whisper those words again

"I adore you..."

"I Adore You..."©
Written by WindStormy© 
June 22, 2006

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22nd-Jun-2006 03:05 am - Aching Need.....

Blades of grass
Wandering seed
Carefully placed
Active deeds

Tranquil waters
Spill to thee
Keeps it wet
When there's a need

Folding clouds of cottony pillows
Darkened skies cause them to billow.
Crashing sounds of thunder's roll
Flashing light unsettling my soul.

Tormented thoughts
Purging wails
Follow the droughts
The wind in the sails

Rushing around me
Like the thoughts in my mind
Torrent breezes 
That course inside

Turbulent ponderings
Continuous whispers
Frightful hountings
And heated blisters

Aching need
To know it's true
That you love me
And I love you

"Aching Need"©
Written by WindStormy©
June 22, 2006

21st-Jun-2006 11:53 pm - Do You Want....
Slap me...
It stings, 
But I like it.

Punch me...
It hurts, 
But I thrive on it.

Cut me....
I bleed,
And I enjoy it.

Force me...
I'll scream,
But I'll love it.

Make me bend....
I'll do what you desire.
The very power you hold over me
Will brighten my fire.

Make me submit...
I can do no less,
The thoughts you wield
Will only progress.

The rougher you are with me,
The better I like it.
So, don't you see,
The force you've given
It's nothing to me
But more ecstacy.

Do you want to really know me?
Do you wish to gaze into my eyes?
Do you desire to feel me?
The truth that is hidden inside?

Can you face me?
Do you know how?
Can you replace me?
Is it better to just make me bow?

Laying me down
Making me do
All the things that 
You like to do.

Is there anything
Left there for me?
Can I venture
To actually see?

Will I ever be
The me I've always hoped to be?
Ponder the thoughts of painful past.
Hurts that have carried me to the last.
Laying them down is no easy task.
I fear the exposure of being seen
As who I am, this just isn't me.

So, hurt me if you will.
Pain is a friend of mine.
Shadow the injury with a pill.
It will all come with time.

"Do You Want"©
Written by WindStormy©
June 22, 2006
21st-Jun-2006 12:36 pm - A Single Blade....

In the deepest chasm of my soul
There deforms a force so bold
All ration is scattered to the wind
As pain again befriends

Boiling to the surface 
Darkness replace
The light of truth
Shadowed in darkest hues.

Action becomes reality
Tools to find peace in me
Coursing pain
Comes together in a single blade

The slice it's not that deep
A little more, oh... the ecstacy...
To feel... 
To know...
The flagrant need...
I am still alive...
To bleed...
To see...
There is yet life inside of me.

The gash it goes
Breathing faster
My body reposed
A sense of erotic
Power in this foe
The flagrant need
Almost hypnotic
The sensation knows.

The slice it's very deep
A little more, oh... the ecstacy...
To feel... 
To know...
I am still alive...
To bleed...
To see...
There is yet life inside.

"A Single Blade" ©
Written by WindStormy© June 21, 2005

19th-Jun-2006 05:04 pm - Torn...

These confused thoughts in my mind.

The turning of my innards that catches my breath in my throat.

Constant whispers
Taking me over
Silence the battering of thoughts that will not stop.

Avid foes
And friends I know
Combine to march the final trek

Torn apart
Stolen desire
Thwarted polishing of constant mire.

Deceitful words
Spoken hurts
Fiery darts that strike my heart

Pin me down
Silence the sound
The very cry of my alarm, shattering void

Harmful darts
Broken hearts
The baring of cruel parts.

Deceits uncovers
Falsified lover
Turning the finger to me.

In harms way
The vengeance of the day
Cuts me like a knife.

Turn and bleed
Demon seed
Tear my world apart.

Turn and bleed
Cursings need
To find a way to my heart

Torn and shattered
The tools I gathered
Cutting me down
Silence the sound
Dying of a broken heart.

"Torn" ©
Written by WindStormy© June 19, 2005

18th-Jun-2006 04:30 am - A Bird....

A bird flew across my path
It's wings spead with graceful ease.
The light of the sun glistening
On the tips of feathered wings.

It's perch was high
So high above me.
Yet, I had to try
The search for what is free.
In my chase 
It flew away
Sadness filled my broken heart.

Tears came down
The force of pain
With the sound
Of mourning, I waned.

Thinking I had lost the whole of my world,
I searched for my friend, this scarlet bird.
In my seeking, I found it again.
But, it had found a new friend.

Tears came down
The force of pain. 
With the sound 
Of Mourning I waned.

And with my tears came the shattering thought
This one was his, before I was lost.
Crashing to the depths of desperate despair
I sought to find my silence there.

In that struggle between life and death
I see the truth is only what is held
So near to my heart, 
This wondering one
He'll leave you cold 
And feeling so old.

No one keeps his heart for long
He flits from one to another when he's done.
So, be aware, my fortunate lover and friend
You'll find yourself bleeding just as me, he left.

A bird flew across my path
It's wings spead with graceful ease.
The light of the sun glistening
On the tips of feathered wings.

"A Bird" ©
Written by WindStormy © June 18, 2006

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